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Asthma Follow Up Care: Why You Need It!

Dec 31, 2020 | Control Your Asthma!

* Follow-up Care is Essential to good asthma control.

* Follow-up allows determination of asthma severity.

* Other disorders that affect your breathing are detected early.

* Rescue medication refills are provided

* Your Asthma Action Plan is updated.

Having your asthma diagnosed is the first step to getting control.

But after treatments are prescribed, follow-up becomes the key to avoiding asthma attacks and minimizing your asthma symptoms

Follow-up is so important because asthma is not a disease that is ‘cured’ in the usual sense.

Instead, our goal is to manage it.

Control it.

So that you can be active.

So you can sleep well.

So you don’t have to make emergency room visits “routine”.

So, you don’t have to experience life-threatening asthma attacks!

Managing asthma means regular, repeated Dr. visits.

We know from research studies that the best interval for these reassessments is about every 3 months.

At these appointments: We work on a number of points.

.. First, I evaluate your asthma severity to see if it has changed.,

.. We discuss your response to your asthma treatment plan and consider revising it if needed.

.. We discuss new information relative to your asthma, such as new medications that may be helpful for controlling your symptoms.

.. If needed, I order changes in the strength or frequency of your controller or trigger medications.

.. When we have your new plan finalized, I transmit your medication refills  to the pharmacy of your choice, electronically.

.. Then, we review your Asthma Action Plan and I

Send to your phone!

Before we sign-off, I schedule your next appointment, 3 months away.

In this way, Asthmaniac helps you stay on top of your asthma.

Asthmaniac gives you the tools to keep your asthma in control

and for you to become the

 expert of your asthma!



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* Spacers should be used with all of your asthma medicine that comes in a metered dose inhaler (MDI).

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Your Asthma Control Is Our Mission

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