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Apr 13, 2021 | Action Plan, Control Your Asthma!, PEF, symptoms

Asthmaniac Is State-of-the-Art!

✓   You Need State-of-the-Art Asthma Care
✘   Traditional Clinics provide inconsistent care.
✘   And, they are expensive and inconvenient!
🙏  Asthmaniac was made for you!
💙  Affordable doctor visits
✓  State-of-the-Art Asthma Care
✓  All online!

Getting Best Asthma Control

If you are going to be successful in controlling your asthma and enjoying a restriction-free life, you are going to need state-of-the-art asthma care.  

What does that mean?

First, you need an Accurate diagnosis

Then, you’ll need Recurrent assessment of your asthma severity

You will need Appropriate medications ordered and and you’ll need to use them

You will need An up-to-date Asthma Action Plan at your fingertips

and finally, you must have access to Affordable  Online Doctor Visits.

The Asthmaniac.com Answer

Asthmaniac.com is designed to deliver these components of state-of-the-art asthma care along with loads of education about asthma.

This will include: how respond to your symptoms, how the medicines you use work to control your symptoms, and the latest scientific and medication information about asthma.  

Combined with regular email reminders, newsletters, and Action Plan nuggets, Asthmaniac.com can help get you to the best-possible asthma control of your life!

Get Stated Today!

The first step is knowing how to use Asthmaniac.com to book an appointment.  

I have created a video that walks you through the screens from start to finish.  Play through it, pause it, and share it with your friends.  If you have questions, send them to me.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon and getting you started on your best-ever asthma control!



Peak Expiratory Flow Rate: How We Measure and Why?

* Peak Expiratory Flow is measured by you, several times a week using a small pocket-sized flowmeter * You record the number measured by this devise. * This number shows how well you are able to exhale and tells me if we have your lung inflammation under...

Asthma Action Plan: Personalized Just For You!

* Your Asthma Action Plan is your quick-reference guide telling you how to react to changes in your breathing. * Your plan uses your Peak Expiratory Flow readings and  ACT scores to determine if your asthma is in control. * Your Asthma Action Plan clearly...

Asthma Control Test Score: How We Use It

* The Asthma Control Test (ACT) is a survey that you fill out about your breathing symptoms. * Your score on this survey will classify your asthma into 3 levels: Well Controlled, Not Well Controlled, and Poorly Controlled * These classifications are used...

Asthma Facts

Asthma Facts

* Asthmaniac.com is my online asthma clinic 

* Asthmaniac is designed to be affordable, convenient, and reliable.

* Asthmaniac follows national quality standards developed at NIH

* Asthmaniac uses your phone to make your care convenient and engaging

Asthma Attack Triggers: Keep a Lid On It!

Triggers for wheezing (bronchoconstriction) include:

* Pollen

* Dust Mites

* Cockroaches

* Mold

* Pet dander

* Tobacco Smoke

To prevent wheezing, you need to avoid these triggers.

If avoiding them isn’t possible, I can prescribe medicine suppresses the effect of triggers.

Your Asthma Control Is Our Mission

 Same Day Appointments are Available.


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