Albuterol Inhaler Refill


  • Doctor Visit On Your Phone, Computer or Pad
  • Prescription sent¬†Electronically to Your Pharmacy
  • Available Today



Asthmaniac makes it possible that you never run out of inhaler!



Action Plan

Your plan lives on your phone where you can actually find it and use it when your breathing acts up!


All of your prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy of your choice electronically – no paper to lose, less time waiting.


Your breathing is more important than your insurance statusno insurance needed.

On Your Phone

My appointments are conducted on your phone – no waiting room, no appointment delays.

Pediatric Care

With 31 years of experience, your child will get a pediatric plan and pediatric medications

Quarterly Checkups

I re-check your asthma status and adjust your Action Plan and meds to keep you breathing EASY!

Your Asthma Control Is Our Mission

 Same Day Appointments are Available.


Personalized Telemedicine for You!