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Do you have asthma? No matter where you’re located, you deserve quality medical care. You need a personalized treatment plan that works for you.

That’s where we come in. Asthmaniac, your online asthma doctor, makes asthma management simple, safe, and convenient. Call today to book an appointment!

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Tezspire monthly injections boost your asthma control!


If you have moderate or severe asthma, using daily inhaled steroids and frequent albuterol, there is a good chance you would do better on a monthly injection of Tezspire®!  This medication blocks the inflammation in your breathing tubes at an early step, preventing the spasm and mucus production.

What Is Remote Asthma Care?

Online asthma care puts you, the patient, back in control of your condition.

  • You can discuss your asthma from the comfort of your own home.
  • There’s no waiting room – so no mask required!
  • Your doctor evaluates your condition online or by phone. They’ll explain how to manage your condition and remotely prescribe the medicine you need.
  • You can ask any questions you have so you’re clear on your asthma treatment plan.
  • Pick up your prescription at a local pharmacy or anywhere that’s convenient for you.

Remote care lets you chat to an asthma doctor online quickly and conveniently.

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Why Online Asthma Care?

Here’s why you should take asthma control out of the doctor’s office and into your own home.

  • Convenient: Book an appointment whenever it suits you. There’s no more wasting time traveling to appointments, either.
  • Affordable: There’s no insurance required and appointments are entirely affordable.
  • Personal: Your online doctor for asthma will tailor a treatment plan to you. Think of them as a cornerstone of your medical team.
  • Safe: Asthma sufferers are vulnerable to allergens and viruses. You won’t risk exposure if you choose an online asthma doctor.
  • Effective: Online doctors take a full medical history and prioritize safe medical care. It’s a highly effective way to manage chronic medical conditions including asthma.

We’ll chat on the phone and discuss your asthma in detail. In the meantime, check out our blog to learn more about how we can help.


What is Your Asthma?


Never Diagnosed

“But I cough and wheeze!”


Well Controlled

“My ACT is 20 or more!”


Not Well Controlled

“My ACT score is 16-19.”


Poorly Controlled

“My ACT score is less than 15!”


Severe: e-Asthma?

“I take prednisone often…”

What to Expect from Your Online Asthma Doctor

Your safety is my top priority. I’m committed to helping you take back control of your condition. I want to show you how to manage asthma symptoms so you can enjoy life.

I can help you with:

Same day appointments are available. And if you need urgent medical care, I’ll explain what to do next.