Asthma Action Plan: Personalized Just For You!

Nov 9, 2020 | Action Plan

* Your Asthma Action Plan is your quick-reference guide telling you how to react to changes in your breathing.

* Your plan uses your Peak Expiratory Flow readings and  ACT scores to determine if your asthma is in control.

* Your Asthma Action Plan clearly instructs you what to do when your symptoms flare up or your Peak Expiratory Flow is dropping.

* This allows you to take action with additional medication that I have ordered for you to stop your wheezing from becoming a full-blown asthma attack.

* Just to make sure you know your plan and where it is, I send it to your by text or email so you can keep it right on your phone!


In order for you to know how to respond to changes in your symptoms (ACT score) and lung performance (PEF), you need a plan.

I assemble this plan for you.

We call it an Asthma Action Plan.  It is based on:

your asthma severity,

…your history, and

…Your current medications.

An Asthma Action Plan has been part of the National recommendations since they were first published in 2003.

Yet, even today, most asthma patients do not get an Action Plan or don’t have ready access to one.

This is usually because it was printed on a piece of paper.

Seriously, who among us can keep track of any piece of paper?

If it’s important that you have it, and it is, then you need it at your fingertips.

That’s why the Asthma Action Plan from Asthmaniac gets sent

to your phone.

Yes, to your phone!

You need it at your fingertips to readily open and use as a guide for your symptoms.

Here’s the thing:  as your asthma doctor, I am not with you 24/7.  Yet, your symptoms can change rapidly.

You need to know how to respond.

This ability for you to take the correct action quickly is an essential part of quality asthma care.

Asthma Action Plan on your phone – a key advantage of Asthmaniac!

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Thanks for learning more about your asthma!