Phone Doctor Visits: They Work For Asthma Control!

Nov 4, 2020 | Action Plan, Control Your Asthma!, PEF, symptoms

*  Quality Asthma care depends on self-management by patients.

*  A large part of my role as your physician is teaching you these self-management skills.

*  Crucial to these skills are techniques you will use to assess:

*  Your Symptoms (Asthma Control Test)

*  Your Lung Function (Peak Expiratory Flow)

*  We will discuss your self-assessments by phone rather than in-person.

*  These phone visits and your frequent use of the Asthmaniac website are designed to keep your asthma controlled while avoiding illness exposure and the inconveience of travel and waiting rooms


I designed Asthmaniac around the National standards for asthma care.

Those standards tell doctors to teach their patients how to assess their everyday symptoms and lung lung capacity.

Years of research has led to the creation of a solid symptom assessment tool (Asthma Control Test or ACT).   This is a survey that you can complete yourself and then report to me.

Research has also shown that lung performance – or how well you are able to breath out (Peak Expiratory Flow or PEF), can be measured using a simple, pocket-sized flow meter.

In my Asthmaniac clinic, I ask that patients use a simple flowmeter to record their number several times each week.

I instruct you how to use this number in conjunction with your Action Plan.

I use this number in planning updates to your medications, their dosages, and your Action Plan.

The great thing about having these two proven methods of assessing your asthma is that we can conduct our entire asthma appointment over the phone.


Over the phone!

That means you can get your Asthmaniac appointment on a lunch break, walking down the street, or wherever you are.

One place you won’t be is sitting?

A doctor office waiting room – waiting to catch a virus!

Phone appointments: a key convenience of Asthmaniac!

Asthmaniac Blog

Asthmaniac Blog

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* Asthmaniac is designed to be affordable, convenient, and reliable.

* Asthmaniac follows national quality standards developed at NIH

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