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Navigating Asthmaniac to Find Your Best Asthma Control is a fully digital asthma clinic designed to deliver physician consultation, disease assessment, patient education, medical refills, and follow-up care.  This is different than making an appointment in a traditional clinic for asthma care.  So, how does it work?

Navigate to the website is a website that contains the links and information you will need to manage your asthma.  Simply navigate to in your browser.  Once you are on the webpage, there are several areas you will likely use frequently.

Book Now

Pressing this button takes you to the scheduling page where you can choose from two selections: Inhaler Refill or Asthma Consultation.

If you are an established patient and simply need a refill of your rescue or control inhaler, select Inhaler Refill.  You will be taken to the calendar where you select the day and time of your appointment and make payment.  A confirmation will arrive in your email inbox along with a link to measure and report your ACT score and Peak Expiratory Flow.

If you are a new patient (new to, select Asthma Consultation.  You will be taken to the calendar where you will select the day and time of your appointment and make payment. A confirmation will arrive in your email inbox along with a link to a medical history form that collects information about your past problems with asthma and any other health disorders.

Menu Bar

The row is directly below that Asthmaniac Motto: “Your Asthma Control is Our Mission”. 

The Menu Bar contains links to the most important areas of

Home:  This selection takes you back to the home page from your current page.

Blog:  This section is loaded with patient education covering a wide and ever-expanding number of topics essential for obtaining and keeping control of your asthma.  A list of blog posts is stacked along with the right side of this page, along with live links to corresponding podcasts.  These podcasts are also available on major podcasting platforms making them easy to consume and share!

Your Online Asthma Doctor:  This section describes the very simple structure and focus of  The components Asthmaniac delivers to you are described in six blurbs with links to pages with more information about each.

About:  This section describes the concept of asthma primary care – the core medical solution to assisting you to keep your asthma controlled.

ACT:  This link takes you to the Asthma Control Test page where you will learn about this test, how it is used to assess your asthma control, and contains a link that walks you through the test, with Freddy’s help.  The Asthma Control Test (ACT) score is used at every appointment and between appointments to give you feedback on your disease status.

Social Media Links

Links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram appear in the top tab.  You can jump to each of these social media sites by clicking the icon for each.

The twitter feed is loaded with the latest research articles about asthma.


At the bottom of each page, you will find links for:

The Asthmaniac phone number; and

The Asthmaniac email  link;

In addition, there are links for:

The Home page;

The “Your Online Asthma Doctor” page;

The “Established Patient Process” page which describes how established patients receive their interval care;

The “New Patient Process” page which describes how new patients receive their first medical session;

The “Blog” page, which is filled with patient education materials;

The “Privacy” page which describes the Asthmanic privacy policy;

The “ACT” page which jumps you to the Asthma Control Test page.

Asthmaniac is Online Asthma Care

Asthmaniac is designed to deliver everything you need to achieve your best asthma control and with it, the best lung function, greatest exercise capacity and more quality sleep.  Doctor consults, digital disease assessment, prescription refills, and patient education, right on your phone, puts you in the most powerful position to keep a lid on wheezing for Life!

Are you ready to take control of your asthma?  Book an appointment today!




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Asthmaniac Blog

Asthmaniac Blog

* is my online asthma clinic 

* Asthmaniac is designed to be affordable, convenient, and reliable.

* Asthmaniac follows national quality standards developed at NIH

* Asthmaniac uses your phone to make your care convenient and engaging

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