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Asthmaniac is the first telemedicine clinic,

devoted to

asthma primary care!


Our Goal

Getting your asthma under control!


Control Means:

You can be active, resting and confident about your breathing!


This Website

Will show you how Asthmaniac can help you achieve this goal.


Our Phone Visits

Make your asthma care more convenient than ever!


Asthmaniac delivers

asthma care

that is:





Physician Directed




Designed for the long-term

That’s what Asthmaniac is all about!

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Asthma Primary Care is Needed

My three decades of medical practice, including office medicine and ER medicine have convinced me that a better way of delivering preventative asthma care was needed.

There are plenty of Emergency Rooms and Urgent Cares to help you when you are having an asthma attack.

But who is there to help you PREVENT those asthma attacks?

Asthma primary care does that.

This means you have a relationship with a physician that focuses on controlling your asthma.

In Asthmaniac, I have gathered all the pieces of asthma primary care into one place that you can access from your phone in case you can’t find a doctor to help.

Are you ready for a new level of quality in your asthma care?

Online Asthma Primary Care with Asthmaniac!