Established Asthma Patients

Our Goals for You!

#1 Priority: Control Your Asthma!

What is meant by “control”?  There are many expert opinions about what perfect asthma control looks like, but everyone agrees that asthma patients who are in control:


  • have minimal chronic symptoms (night cough, wheezing, chest tightness)
  • do not need to use their rescue medicine frequently
  • have normal or nearly normal lung function (Peak Expiratory Flow) that is maintained
  • have low risk of asthma attacks
  • less need for emergency room visits or hospitalization
  • minimal adverse effects from medicine

Asthmaniac Achieves Asthma Control by:



At your first visit, and every three months or more often, using your Asthma Control Test scores and PEF measurements.


Asthma Action Plan

your recipe for how to respond to changes in your breathing and peak flows quickly and with the right medication.



To make sure you Asthma Action Plan and medications are working, you have no side affects, and any new problems get addressed.

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