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Do You Need an Affordable Doctor?

Nov 2, 2020 | Control Your Asthma!


What does “affordable” mean?

It could be what you pay out-of-pocket before you have met your deductable (assuming you have health insurance).


If you don’t have health insurance, you probably think of affordability in the following ways:

… what it costs to go to the ER (thousands?!!),

… what it costs to see a regular doctor (assuming you can find one that will give you an appointment, around $150)

…  what it costs to go to an urgent care (around $150).

Well, I can do better than that.  I charge my asthma patients $50 per visit. 

Yep, $50 per visit. 

If you have pretty well controlled asthma and I see you as recommended 4 times a year, you’ll be dishing out $200 in cash. 

Oh, and with Asthmaniac, it is all online/on-the-phone, and all about asthma.  

If you are looking for top quality asthma care at an unbeatable price with back-pocket convenience, Asthmaniac is your ‘clinic’!

As with other chronic diseases, affordability is important for Asthma Control

* The cost of asthma control can be a barrier:

* Many costs of asthma care can exceed what those without insurance can afford.  These include:

* The cost of asthma medication.

* The cost of doctor visits

* The cost pulmonary function testing.

I endeavor to keep my consults to you AFFORDABLE.

I am constantly looking for the best way to get you medication that fits your budget. 


The cost of medical care is a big deal.

People have lost their homes due to medical bills. And during this recession, it’s even worse.

People in the US routinely postpone medical care because of the cost.

So while I am focused on accurately diagnosing your asthma and prescribing essential medication, I can’t lose sight of the costs to you.

All of my effort, logic, dedication, training and energy are completely undone if you cannot afford a consultation with me in the first place.

My commitment in the design of Asthmaniac is to keep the price you pay for visits with me, fair and reasonable.

I do not control the cost of asthma medicine but will do all I can to find discounted medication for my patients.

So many of my patients do not have health insurance to pay for medical care. 

This means they have to pay cash for their care.  When balancing how to spend their cash, they have to find the best value for their medical care.

That means getting the most for the least.

Even patients with high-deductible health insurance have to pay out-of-pocket until their deductible is met. So they too are interested in the best value.

I am committed to designing a method that asthma patients can actually use.

A method they can AFFORD!

A method that keeps them breathing deeply, sleeping soundly, and striding through their days with new confidence in managing their asthma.

Asthmaniac is that method.



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