Your Asthma Control is Our Mission

Asthma Inhaler Refill

From: $50.00

This 15 minute encounter is designed get your inhaler’s refilled FAST!

Please review the long description for details!


This 15 minute encounter is designed to:

  • give me essential information about what inhaler you are using,
  • how well it is working,
  • whether you are having side affects that are not acceptable.

Once we have covered those points, I will electronically order a refill at the pharmacy of your choice.

Please do this:

  • text a picture of the label on your inhaler to me at: 7209000943.
  • Have the pharmacy name and address in hand where you'd like to pick up your inhaler.  I can also order through Amazon Pharmacy if wish.

Thanks and talk to you soon!

Dr. Tim