Asthma used to scare me…

It doesn’t anymore!

With Asthmaniac, I have an affordable, reliable, and EXPERT action plan right on my phone!

Attention Asthma Sufferers:

Asthma doesn’t have to scare you anymore!

I know you’ll agree with me when I say that we are living through some trying times!

Nothing’s like it used to be…

It’s scary to hang out with friends, the gyms are closed, and all sporting activities have been canceled or postponed. 

It’s like having all the fun sucked out of life. 

And if you’re living with Asthma, you have it way worse. 

Many of my patients describe it as “like being in a scene straight out of a horror movie.” 

Covid-19 seems to be everywhere, and people with traces of lung ailments are primary targets.  

For people living with Asthma, the thought of not being able to get proper care during “normal” times is scary enough. 

In “normal” times, my NEW Asthma patients report feeling…

    • Worried about doing any physical activities.
    • Concerned about possibly catching a cold.
    • Uptight about possibly running out of meds

And in general, the word I most often hear from these NEW patients is LIMITED!!! 

A feeling that begins to disappear within our first appointment. More on that shortly…

Anyway, add a pandemic that’s so contagious and deadly, and your anxiety level goes through the roof! 


I mean, 


…the shortness of breath episodes seems to be more frequent than before.


…the “all night” coughing routines are more constant, and a good night sleep seems to be impossible.


…and the thought of having to go to an emergency room is downright frightening.

With everything going on these days, it seems highly unlikely anything will cheer you up if you’re living with Asthma. 

Heck, it’s frustrating. 




What if I do the impossible, and

make your eyes gleam with excitement? 

Remember, when I told you earlier about my new patients’ feelings about not being in control of their Asthma and feeling LIMITED? 

And how those feelings being to disappear within the first appointment with me?

Well, it all begins with the knowledge that you now have a consistent doctor focused on your Asthma.



Asthmaniac brings you:



Keeping asthma care affordable is the key to keeping it accessible by you.



Take care of your asthma management completely on the phone with no waiting room.


Disease Assessment

Every three months, you’ll have a reassessment to make sure you are in control and breathing well.


Electronic Prescriptions

All of your medications are transmitted to the pharmacy of your choice so you don’t run out!



On-Phone Action Plan

We put your asthma action plan on your phone where you can find it.


NIH standards

Asthmaniac is based on the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute’s asthma standards.