Your Asthma Control is Our Mission

Free Asthma Severity Assessment


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This 15 minute encounter allows me to assess your current asthma disease severity and launch a plan with prescription medication, follow-up, and education tailored to your needs


This 15 minute virtual encounter allows me to assess your current asthma disease severity and launch a plan for getting and keeping your asthma in control!

    • I like to do the first visit using a video format such as FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom.
    • For this visit, I will text or email a link to the video session.
    • Online doctor visits with my Established Patients are usually completed by phone.
    • A picture ID.
    • If you are taking a prescription asthma medication and need a refill, please text an image of the label, before your appointment to my cell: 720-900-0943.
    • Please have your preferred pharmacy in mind so I can electronically transmit your prescriptions.
    • My goal for you is to determine your asthma severity classification
    • I determine this by hearing about your past problems with asthma
    • Based on this classification, I’ll suggest a treatment plan and medications.
    • If you would like to use me as your asthma primary doctor, we'll schedule a follow-up visit in 1 week to launch your Asthma Action Plan
    • I will email your this Asthma Action Plan for you to keep on your phone
      • My goal for you is to have this Plan at your fingertips!
    • I will electronically transmit the prescriptions in that plan to your preferred pharmacy
    • I will direct you to educational materials, especially:
      • Proper use of your inhaler - including use of the MDI spacer
      • How to use your Asthma Action Plan
      • Proper use of a Peak Flow Meter.
    • We will arrive at a follow-up day for your next appointment, usually in 3 months.
      • At that appointment, we will discuss your response to your Asthma Action Plan and adjust it as needed.

Ok!  See you soon and stay safe!