Quality Asthma Care


Surprisingly few asthma patients experience it!

Yet all asthma patients need it and without it, face:
.. frightening episodes of breathlessness
.. anxiety about medications they don’t have
.. uncertainty about their disease

Sleepless nights from coughing.
…The worry takes years off your life.


Asthmaniac IS a better way


Asthmaniac IS Quality Asthma Care


Meet two people who face their asthma:

one struggling;

the other victorious.


Jane says:

“I need a rescue inhaler”
“I don’t understand asthma”
“I wheeze and cough 3-4 days a week”
“I can’t get Albuterol refills in the ER”
“I don’t have an asthma doctor”

I’m struggling.



Ella replies:

“I can relate – I was there once”

“My inhaler is full cuz I rarely use it!”
“I have a personal Action Plan on my phone..”
“Actually, I haven’t wheezed in over a month!”
“Refills? Never a problem – I get them on my phone!”
“…my Asthma doctor? Ya! In my back pocket!”