e-Asthma in Children?

Yes, e-Asthma happens in kids too.  This moderate-to-severe asthma can’t be controlled with regular asthma medicine. Fortunately, new injectable medicine (respiratory biologic) has been shown to:

  • Reduce Asthma Attacks
  • Reduce the Need for Oral Steroids like Prednisone  
  • Reduce Frequent Rescue Inhaler Use.



Asthmaniac makes it possible that you never run out of inhaler!

Do My Child Have e-Asthma?

Moderate or severe asthma is recognized from these features;

1. Not controlled with inhaled corticosteroids;

2. Requires oral steroid (like Prednisone) for 6 months of the year to stay in control, or;

3. Requires frequent ER visits and hospitalizations,


How Do We Treat e-Asthma online?

After we meet online and discuss your child’s symptoms, history and medication use,  I’ll classify your child’s asthma severity.  If it falls into the moderate-severe category, I’ll recommend starting one of the new medicines.


Want to learn more about e-Asthma? Listen to my podcast about it.

Here are the names of the medications for treating e-Asthma:

Nucala (mepolizumab)

Fasenra (benralizumab)

Dupixent (dupilumab)

Xolair (omalizumab)

Tezspire  (tezepelumab-ekko)​

e-Asthma Treatment?

The medicines used to treat e-Asthma are unique.  They are not inhaled or taken my mouth.  Instead, they are injected under the skin of your abdomen using a simple auto-injector and tiny needle.  They resemble the injectors some people are prescribed for diabetes treatment.  Most of the brands of this medicine are injected once every four weeks.  That’s right!  Once a month.

All of them  require close follow-up to assure that they are working without side effects.

When I start a child on one of these medications, I meet with them (online) weekly for the first month.



Diagnosing and treating e-Asthma is
asthma primary care.

By design, asthma primary care delivers the kind of follow-up you need for e-Asthma, and a lot more:

  • scheduled reassessment
  • further testing as needed
  • adjustment of medication dosage
  • teaching you how to manage your symptoms
  • tons of asthma education!


Can You Have Better Control?