Asthma Primary Care


  • Repeated Assessments Of Asthma Severity
  • A Personalized Asthma Action Plan
  • Medication Refills Without Interruption
  • Follow-up Care
  • Referral For Testing
  • Asthma Education



Asthmaniac Takes it Online!

Action Plan

Your plan lives on your phone where you can use it when your breathing acts up!


Prescriptions are sent  electronically – no paper to lose, less time waiting.


Your breathing is more important than your insurance status – no insurance needed.

On Your Phone

My appointments are conducted on your phone – no waiting room, no appointment delays.

Pediatric Care

With 31 years of experience, your child will get a pediatric plan and pediatric medications

Quarterly Checkups

Adjust your Action Plan and meds every 3 months to keep you breathing EASY!

Your Best Breathing is Within Reach!