Why Telemedicine  for Asthma Care?

It’s the best way to keep up with your asthma!

Telemedicine is Nimble!

Asthma is a moving target.  Wheezing can be triggered by changes in your immune system, environment, nutrition, and the set point of your genetics.  When your breathing changes, you need a doctor at your fingertips.


Telemedicine Advantages

You get care more often!

Most asthma patients need to be seen 3-4 times each year.

Asthma patients that actually have a doctor may see them only once a year.  That’s not enough with a disease like asthma. 

NO Problems Getting an appointment!

Even if you commit to being seen in the office more often, the busy schedule of life makes planning for and reserving a day and time for a doctor office appointment challenging

Many times, this appointment is weeks down the road.

So many things just come up in the mean time to wreck that plan! 

No Waiting Room!

Do you really want to sit in a waiting room at a traditional office – waiting to catch a new disease?


Here’s what you are saying to yourself:

1.  I know I have asthma

2. I know my asthma is not well controlled because I am going through my rescue inhaler like crazy

3. My sleep is a wreck because of the coughing

4. I need to see a doctor

5. But I need to see a doctor now; and

6. A trip to the ER is too expensive and I never get a a real plan and for sure, never get a doctor that has seen me before or that I’ll see again, so I don’t really have a plan.


Asthmaniac Is The Solution

With Asthmaniac, you connect with your asthma doctor, the same one that has seen you before.

You get a consult, as easily as checking the weather, messaging a friend, or mapping directions on your phone!

It is affordable!

That would go a long way in making it possible it get a recheck every three months, right?