Asthma Control Test

score = 16-19

My Goals For You:

find an effective controller

If you are on a controller, we will increase the strength or frquency, or I may switch you to a different medication.

Add Trigger Control

Your lungs may be reacting to something in your environment that we can change or control.

Rescue Inhaler Handy

When yu are not well controlled, you need your rescue close by and full to get rapid control of wheezing.

Here’s How


Tracking changes in your you ACT score is an easy way to spot problems with your breathing that can get out of control.

daily PEF test

Your Peak Expiratory Flow is an excellent indicator of your lung function; lowers numbers signal impending loss of control.

Asthma Action Plan

Know your Asthma Action Plan and use it to know when to reach out to me for help.