Tezspire for Breathing Your Best!

Feb 2, 2023 | Action Plan, Control Your Asthma!, controllers, PEF, symptoms

Tezspire Is a game-changer for Asthma Control


At its core, asthma is a disease of inflammation.  That inflammation is concentrated in the breathing tubes (bronchi) of the lungs.  This inflammation drives constriction of the bronchi, causing wheezing, cough, and shortness of breath.  In addition, extra mucus is produced resulting in a moist, rattly cough.


Inflammation Control


Decades ago, research studies uncovered the central role of inflammation in asthma.  Clinical studies since have shown that medicines that reduce inflammation are hugely important in controlling asthma.  Glucocorticoid steroids were found to be very powerful in shutting down this inflammation. Prednisone, a steroid taken orally, has been used to shut down this inflammation.  But prednisone has horrible side effects like opening you for bacterial infection and altering your emotions.  Plus, in kids, the liquid forms taste very bad and makes kids vomit.


Inhaled Steroids and Asthma


A form of steroid that you inhale from a puffer (metered dose inhaler or MDI) was developed that avoids the terrible side effects of oral steroids like prednisone.  Adding these inhaled steroids to the asthma action plan for moderate and severe asthma sufferers has been tremendously helpful in reducing their asthma attacks.  For best control, they need to be used twice a day, everyday, and if delivered from a MDI, a chamber (or spacer) must be used to make sure the medicine is deeply inhaled.  Without a spacer, much of the medicine ends up on the tongue and in the throat where it causes a painful yeast infection (thrush). 


Attacking the Inflammation Molecule


More recent scientific studies discovered that particular chemicals in the lining of bronchi are to blame for the underlying inflammation.  One of these chemicals, thymic stromal lymphoprotein (TSLP) triggers the release of other chemicals that activate inflammation.  Capturing and deactivating TSLP stops inflammation in its tracks.  The new drug, Tezspire does just that!


How is TezspireⓇ administered?


This medication comes in a prefilled pen injector that is placed next to the skin of your abdomen or leg and activated.  The inside mechanism of the pen quickly inserts a fine needle 5 mm into your skin while the device pushes 1.9 ml of liquid medicine into the subcutaneous tissue.


Taking this injection once a month, Yes, ONCE A MONTH, dramatically reduces wheezing episodes and dependence on steroids.

Is Tezspire Right for Your Asthma?

If you have wheezing, asthma attacks and ER visits while already using a daily inhaled steroid, you may benefit from this new medication.  Stop struggling with your breathing and find out if TezspireⓇ should be in your action plan by making an appointment with Asthmaniac today!

Asthmaniac is designed to deliver everything you need to achieve your best asthma control.  State-of-the-Art medicine is just part of that mission.  Along with amazing medicines, Asthmaniac delivers follow-up doctor consults, digital disease assessment, prescription refills, and patient education, right on your phone.  Asthmaniac on your phone puts you in the most powerful position to keep a lid on wheezing for Life!


Are you ready to talk about Tezspire for control of your asthma?  Book an appointment today!




Do You Need an Affordable Doctor?

As with other chronic diseases, affordability is important for Asthma Control

* The cost of asthma control can be a barrier:

* Many costs of asthma care can exceed what those without insurance can afford.  These include:

* The cost of asthma medication.

* The cost of doctor visits

* The cost pulmonary function testing.

I endeavor to keep my consults to you AFFORDABLE.

I am constantly looking for the best way to get you medication that fits your budget. 

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