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May 11, 2024 | Control Your Asthma!

Introducing Asthmaniac: Your Partner in Asthma Control

Asthmaniac: Your Solution to Asthma Control is more than just an online clinic; it’s a comprehensive solution to help you gain control over your asthma. Here’s how Asthmaniac is tailored to meet your needs:

  • Focus on Asthma Control: Asthmaniac stands out with its 100% focus on asthma. By concentrating solely on asthma care, we ensure a deep understanding of the most modern techniques for asthma control and patient education.
  • National Standards-Based: Built around well-defined National Standards for Asthma Care, Asthmaniac’s recommendations are state-of-the-art, evidence-based, and aligned with the latest clinical practices.
  • Telemedicine Methods: Leveraging smartphone and telemedicine methods, Asthmaniac eliminates the need for in-person clinic visits. This approach not only reduces costs but also enhances the convenience of accessing care from anywhere.
  • No Insurance Needed: Asthmaniac believes in making asthma care accessible. By keeping insurance companies out of the equation, we ensure fair and reasonable costs for your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Electronic Prescriptions: Embracing modern technology, Asthmaniac sends electronic medication prescriptions directly to your pharmacy. Say goodbye to paper prescriptions and enjoy efficient, convenient care.
  • Online Symptom Assessment: Asthmaniac integrates proven online symptom assessments, such as the Asthma Control Test (ACT), into its clinic. You can take the test anytime, providing valuable insights into your asthma control.
  • Peak Expiratory Flow: Monitoring your lung function is crucial. Asthmaniac utilizes peak flow meters to detect early changes in lung function, guiding adjustments in medication and action plans.

Follow-up Care is Key

Asthma control requires consistent follow-up care. Asthmaniac simplifies this process with easy phone-based follow-up visits, ensuring that your asthma management remains on track.

Asthma Action Plan

Active involvement is essential for asthma control. Asthmaniac develops a personalized Asthma Action Plan that evolves with your changing needs, providing a roadmap for optimal self-management.

Why Asthmaniac?

Asthma, though controllable, often receives inadequate care. Asthmaniac addresses this gap with:

  • Consistent, Quality Strategies: Asthmaniac provides reliable strategies for asthma control, following guidelines from the NIH.
  • Expert Guidance: With over three decades of experience, Asthmaniac offers expert guidance through its blog section at Subscribe for regular updates and expert insights.

If you’re ready to take control of your asthma, Asthmaniac is here for you.

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Do You Need an Affordable Doctor?

As with other chronic diseases, affordability is important for Asthma Control

* The cost of asthma control can be a barrier:

* Many costs of asthma care can exceed what those without insurance can afford.  These include:

* The cost of asthma medication.

* The cost of doctor visits

* The cost pulmonary function testing.

I endeavor to keep my consults to you AFFORDABLE.

I am constantly looking for the best way to get you medication that fits your budget. 

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